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Oscars Flub as Grand Finale for Camp


On the Hollywood stage—amidst gasps, jaw drops, and pearl clutches—we witnessed one final, beautifully coded failure and an over-the-top dethroning of the serious. ...more
The Front Bottoms - The Front Bottoms | Rumpus Music

Albums of Our Lives: The Front Bottoms’ The Front Bottoms


When I first heard Brian Sella’s sweet, pathetic voice sing these words, they seared a sense of guilt into me. ...more

The Rumpus Review of Seoul Searching


Seeing is a critical part of normalizing, and though it seems like a rudimentary expectation, it’s important for American audiences to see Korean-Americans simply living their lives. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Mark Leyner


Mark Leyner discusses his new novel, Gone with the Mind, about a failed novelist, Mark Leyner, who gives a reading to his mom in an almost-deserted food court. ...more

“Performing” Toxic Masculinity


Genevieve Valentine explores the performance of toxic masculinity for Strange Horizons. Valentine uses the horror movie The Guest to deconstruct both the camp and the too-real danger of toxic masculinity:

The film’s most suspense-generating disconnect is between the degree to which toxic masculinity viewed from afar is hilarious, and the degree to which toxic masculinity viewed close up will literally kill you.


(K)ink: Writing While Deviant: Michael Broder


If I am a sub poet, is poetry as a genre my dom? Is the particular poem I’m working on my dom? ...more