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The Saturday Rumpus Essay: We Aren’t Killers; They Are


One story mirrors our identity—any of us could be falsely accused! The other tale is about the Other—because it’s unfathomable that one of us would commit murder. We aren’t killers; they are. ...more

Conversations with Literary Ex-Cons: Vickie Stringer


Vickie Stringer talks about her first novel Let That Be the Reason, her Triple Crown Publishing venture, life in prison, and making hip-hop literature. ...more

Prop 34: The fate of the Death Penalty


The United States is one of only four industrialized democracies that still practice capital punishment. This upcoming election, Prop 34 will determine the fate of the death penalty in California.

Alexandra Gross’ personal essay, “My Childhood Pen-Pal Was an Innocent Man on Death Row,” raises ethical and thought provoking questions surrounding capital punishment.