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Chris Andrews on Translation


“Sometimes the people who lament that global English has become a ‘grey language’ forget that the greyness predominates in certain social contexts, like business communication, and they forget that while English has been running around the world displacing other languages, it has also been appropriated in all sorts of ways.”

At BOMB Magazine, Will Heyward interviews poet and translator Chris Andrews, touching on the problems of deciphering Roberto Bolaño’s literary influences, controlling the compulsion to re-translate earlier work, and the connection between Oulipo and the Argentinean literary mad scientist César Aira.


Almost Never, by Daniel Sada

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Sex is the first word and ironic driving force of Daniel Sada’s Almost Never. It is the activity the agronomist Demetrio Sordo decides upon to break up the monotony of nightly strolls, cups of coffee, and games of dominos. The only way this can work, he decides, is if he partakes every 24 hours, and so he goes to the red-light district where he meets Mareya, a prostitute who falls for him.