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This Week in Short Fiction


Chalk it up to a week where Twitter just felt like too much. Chalk it up to good ol’ nostalgia for the feel of a hefty book in your hands. Or maybe, just chalk it up to an aligning of stars that placed nine exceptional writers under the same roof.


Jacob Wren Authors Photo

The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Jacob Wren


Jacob Wren discusses his newest novel, Polyamorous Love Song, the relationship between art and ethics, and whether Kanye West is a force for good in the art and music world. ...more

Summer of Hate

“Summer of Hate,” by Chris Kraus

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It’s appropriate to read Chris Kraus’s Summer of Hate in the middle of the winter. The novel is perfect for January and February, being very fast moving and set in warm places. And we, bombarded as we are this time of year by speeches on the state of our states and our union, are well prepared to receive it: Summer of Hate is a state of the union novel.