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The Way That Poetry Works: Holdfast by Christian Anton Gerard

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In his searing, soulful second collection, Gerard uses the language that is poetry to invite the reader in to the experience of his darkest and brightest moments. ...more

Weekend Rumpus Roundup


For National Poetry Month Days 25 & 26, Christian Anton Gerard and Ada Limon provide us with poems of love and luck.

Then, Sean Donovan has good things to say in his Saturday Review of the film It Follows, a “clever” tribute to John Carpenter and the horror cinema of the 80s.


National Poetry Month Day 8: “Ghosts Keep Us Moving, Stella Said, Think About a Field At Night, How You’re Always” by Christian Anton Gerard


Welcome to The Rumpus’s National Poetry Month project. We’ll be running a new poem from a different poet each day for the month of April.

Ghost Keep Us Moving, Stella Said, Think
About a Field at Night, How You’re Aways

surrounded by night-spit
            stars-— tips of water-

                        moccasin fangs, always feeling