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Finding Comfort in the Discomfort: Talking with Juan Martinez


Juan Martinez discusses his debut collection Best Worst American, his relationship to the English language, and why Nabokov ruined his writing for years. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Kea Wilson


Kea Wilson discusses her debut novel We Eat Our Own, the influence of film on her work, and what she's learned from working as a bookseller. ...more

The Sunday Rumpus Essay: Tinfoil Astronaut


Every time I leap there is a chance I will fall, and every time I fall there is a chance I will finally crack my head open like a Faberge egg and luminous black spiders will crawl out to mark the outline of my body with blinking stars and black thread. ...more

No Magic, Just Reality


While most of the world lauds Gabriel García Márquez as a literary genius, those from his hometown of Aracataca (on which Macondo in One Hundred Years of Solitude is based), feel little more than an abiding resentment. The author was in a position to help the town—many of its residents don’t have access to clean water—but did nothing:

García Márquez approved final blueprints for [a García Márquez] museum from his home in Mexico City but provided no other input or financial or public support.


The Rumpus Interview with Frederic Rzewski


Composer Frederic Rzewski talks about his masterpiece The People United Will Never Be Defeated, writing and playing classical music, and performing his music in an unusual venue—a fish market. ...more