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On Grief and Inheritance: A Conversation with Brionne Janae


The poet Brionne Janae discusses her debut poetry collection After Jubilee, intergenerational trauma, and writing her way into historical personae. ...more

Baltimore, Offline


Social media’s role in all this is especially strange in that it makes people feel obligated to speak out, whether they’ve thought hard about their place in the discourse or not. ...more

An Anthem for Black Lives Matter


Kendrick Lamar has paired with Dr. Dre to make what may be the #BlackLivesMatter anthem we’ve all been waiting for. On Compton, Dre’s controversial soundtrack to the upcoming N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, the track “Genocide” says in its chorus: “It’s Murder / It’s Murder / Call 911, Emergency / Hands up in the air for the world to see / It’s All Murder.” Regardless of the reception of the album as a whole, the song stands out, and as okayplayer.