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The Tongue Goes


"In a nutshell," he said, "they're going to excise a dime-sized piece of your tongue and replace it with muscle and tendons from your left wrist." ...more

Used-Car Salesman


I wondered if he understood my joke, or its evasion, but surely he knew a used-car salesman always fudged his story. In fact, the car had been in my possession all of three weeks. Also, it didn’t exactly belong to me. ...more

The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Vanessa Blakeslee


I don’t want to waste readers’ time with a several hundred-page novel that’s not relevant to the wicked problems we’re facing today. ...more

The Latin American Traveler’s Guide in Moby-Dick


Here’s a hypothesis: one of the reasons Moby-Dick has survived so long in English classes is that the number of Moby-Dick-related essay topics is almost limitless.

Moby-Dick is so vast and contains so much stuff—there’s no better word for it than “stuff”—that you could come up with new angles on it for a whole English degree’s worth of classes.