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Rumpus Original Fiction: How to Become a Tiger


Tigers are bigger than my comprehension. That’s what I want. I want to be bigger than I am, so big I can’t even imagine it, so real I can’t ever be misinterpreted. ...more

Rumpus Original Fiction: Monkey Men


Still lying on the bed in the Wausau hotel room, I started counting ceiling tiles. From above the covers. Not under. Never under. I always feel constricted, under. ...more

Halloween Costumes for Book Nerds


Need a last-minute, low-hassle outfit for trick-or-treating?

This list of literary Halloween costumes (with pictures, natch) has some great ideas—just grab a “Hello, My Name Is” sticker and write “Ishmael,” and you’re good to go.

There are also some fantastic examples of costumes that clearly took a lot of time and effort, like a child dressed as Max accompanied by his parents as Wild Things.