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Rumpus Original Fiction: How to Become a Tiger


Tigers are bigger than my comprehension. That’s what I want. I want to be bigger than I am, so big I can’t even imagine it, so real I can’t ever be misinterpreted. ...more

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(K)ink #9: Writing While Deviant: Jera Brown


I wanted to uncover the nest of wires comprising my gender identity and describe its complicated mass. ...more

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On Playing Games, Productivity, and Right Livelihood


One week last spring I said it out loud for the first time: “Sometimes I play so long, my fingers go numb.” ...more

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The Rumpus Interview with Debra Monroe


Debra Monroe talks about her new memoir, My Unsentimental Education, the future of the genre, and how the Internet has changed what it means to be human. ...more

Your Dating Life Predicted by Simone De Beauvoir


Over at Huffington Post, Colton Valentine has curated a collection of Simone De Beauvoir’s archetypes for people in accordance with their loss of childhood from her Ethics of Ambiguity—and applied them to our dating lives. From those too focused on the careers they hate to those who can’t sit still and demand to go hiking or base-jumping, and the mystical one who saw the meaningless of life and became humanist perfection, these archetypes are more accurate than we want them to be, and beg the question: Oh god which one am I?



The Saturday Rumpus Essay: All Bodies Count


Personal representation weighs heavily on the disabled because we don't often see each other out in the world. ...more

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Dream Girl


Going through dating profiles is like reading the same book over and over again. Everyone is happy and loves to laugh. Everyone likes beer and coffee and rain. They all spend their weekends hiking and camping.