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The Rumpus Interview with Jane Alison


Jane Alison discusses her autobiographical novel, Nine Island, the value of truth in fiction, and unsubscribing from romantic love. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Brian Blanchfield


Poet and writer Brian Blanchfield talks about his essay collection Proxies, touring in support of a prose collection versus a poetry collection, and frottage. ...more

Introducing The Scofield


Welcome online to The Scofield, a brand new lit mag inspired by Scofield Thayer’s legendary The Dial. Edited by Tyler Malone, Dustin Illingworth, and Scott Cheshire, The Scofield aims for all its readers “to transcend our loneliness, to populate our solitude with others.”

Its very first issue, which just launched, is dedicated to “David Markson & Solitude” and is available to download.