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It’s Only a Matter of Time: A Conversation with Jack Driscoll


Jack Driscoll discusses The Goat Fish and the Lover’s Knot, "the impermanence of everything," and how he chooses his characters' names. ...more

The Rumpus Late Nite Poetry Show: Cate Marvin


In Episode 11 of The Rumpus Late Nite Poetry Show, Cate Marvin discusses her new collection, Oracle, marsupials, and why she'll never write a prose poem. ...more

The Americans by David Roderick

Reviewed By

The Americans is no self-help book, no guide to suburban living. Rather, [it] offers all of us a chance to examine the places we make our homes, to remember what these places might mean in the context of American history, and to consider how they might shape American culture. ...more

National Poetry Month Day 22: “Terra Incognita” by David Roderick


Welcome to The Rumpus’s National Poetry Month project. We’ll be running a new poem from a different poet each day for the month of April.

Terra Incognita

Counting scars of gum on the stairs down
from the Dome I briefly felt joy

even though I’d just read, in the World or Times,
that some of my fellow citizens