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Messy and Complicated and Real: Talking with Laura Pritchett


Author Laura Pritchett discusses her two most recent books, death, sex, and being rural in modern America. ...more

Songs of Our Lives: Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died”


All around me were strangers. All around me were friends. A dark glittering sea of fists. What a terrible, wonderful thing, to be welcomed into this fellowship at last. ...more

The Third Iago Sensibility: A Conversation with Laurie Stone


Laurie Stone discusses her story collection, My Life as an Animal, writing about death, how the reader doesn’t care about you, and the Third Iago. ...more

In Defense of Sinead O’Connor


“Remember Sinead?” I asked. My mom nodded her head and shrugged. ...more

The American Woman


[A]s the world found out on January 28, 1986, an extraordinary circumstance can also be an unimaginable tragedy. ...more

The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #120: Jeannie Vanasco


"If you’ve ever seen a video by somebody running and filming at the same time, that’s what the world looked like: shaky, fast, in and out of focus." ...more

The Narrator-Guide: A Conversation with Sharon Harrigan


Sharon Harrigan discusses her memoir, Playing with Dynamite, writing through the gaps in memory, and how the book has changed real-life relationships. ...more

Less Brilliant but More Profound: Denis Johnson’s The Largesse of the Sea Maiden

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[I]n Johnson’s whole protean oeuvre, more than any pair of books, Jesus’ Son and The Largesse of the Sea Maiden are like binary stars, locked in orbit, distinct but inseparable, each throwing its light upon the other. ...more

Writing into the Void: Talking with Mary Jo Salter


Mary Jo Salter discusses her latest collection, The Surveyors, writing about the domestic as a feminist act, and how her title poem came from someone else’s dream. ...more

Looking for Ghosts: A Conversation with John Freeman


John Freeman discusses his debut collection of poetry, Maps, displacement, empathy, and trying to find a way forward in the nation and the world. ...more

Rumpus Original Fiction: Seasonal Work


[T]he thing about Gary was that he could believe what he needed to believed when he needed to believe it. So, technically, he never lied. ...more

The Thread: Ways of Being Seen


Can you see it now? Is the image different in your mind yet? A thing you can’t unsee. ...more

Our Own Bodies: A Conversation with JoAnna Novak


JoAnna Novak discusses her novel, I Must Have You, eating disorders, and writing characters that challenge our expectations of how women should behave. ...more