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The House of Fiction Has Many Rooms: Talking with Sigrid Nunez


Sigrid Nunez discusses her seventh novel, The Friend, her fondness for writing about animals, and the ways the literary world has changed. ...more

What to Read When You Want to Write Like a Mother


A list of books that wrangle, directly or indirectly, with motherhood and all that comes with it (or its absence). ...more

Ten Minutes of Motherhood: A Conversation with Ariel Levy


Ariel Levy on The Rules Do Not Apply, the illusion of control, and language’s inability to express grief. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Jane Alison


Jane Alison discusses her autobiographical novel, Nine Island, the value of truth in fiction, and unsubscribing from romantic love. ...more

Paperback Writer


The goal of the paperback is therefore to reposition a book, capture a wider audience, or target a new market. We give books a second chance.

In an essay at Lit Hub, Linda Huang, a graphic designer at Vintage & Anchor Books, talks about the differences between hardcovers and paperbacks, and her process for designing the paperback cover for Jenny Offill’s Dept.