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Fetishizing Ruins


“So much ruin photography and ruin film aestheticizes poverty without inquiring of its origins, dramatizes spaces but never seeks out the people that inhabit and transform them, and romanticizes isolated acts of resistance without acknowledging the massive political and social forces aligned against the real transformation, and not just stubborn survival, of the city.”

At Guernica, an insightful article about the ruin-craze, especially the Detroit ruin craze.


Politics Sunday


“One in four Americans is employed to protect the rich.”

Here’s an underreported story: Dominicans are coming to the aid of Haitians, despite a less-than-idyllic history between the two countries.

VICE is taking a ton of heat for its treatment of Liberia in “The Vice Guide to Liberia.”

A very cool looking architectural installation that covers an abandoned Detroit home in ice.


Morning Coffee


NY Times on how your brain physically manifests abstract ideas and the Tanzanian Spray Toad.

The Hubble has detected an alien spacecraft (or just a comet or something, whatever).

The universe is hella closer to death than we thought. (via Gerrycanavan)

“Don’t you ever link to anything nonscience related?” Here are some pictures of a frozen house in Detroit.