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The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Infarct, I Did


This essay is not about love. Love doesn’t enter into it. We are talking mechanics. Four chambers, ventricles and atria. The mammalian heart, and thus, the bat heart, and thus, the human heart. ...more

Credit - David Plakke Media NYC, 2015 - MarkLeyner_GONEWITHTHEMIND

The Rumpus Interview with Mark Leyner


Mark Leyner discusses his new novel, Gone with the Mind, about a failed novelist, Mark Leyner, who gives a reading to his mom in an almost-deserted food court. ...more

Frigid feature



My first gynecologist tells me that my vagina is on the smaller side of the normal range. I use this as a justification for why, at eighteen, I still can’t get a tampon in more than a quarter of an inch past my hymen. ...more

Own Vanishing feature

Are We All Our Own Vanishing


We will never be an exclamation point, an ellipses, a question mark. We must all leave with this: a period—solid, and utterly irrefutable. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Thunder, Thighs


Over one third of the women in my survey had been called “Thunder Thighs” at some point in their life. Many were still haunted by this. None of them interpreted “thunder” to mean “power. ...more

Word of the Day: Mundificative


(n.); a cleansing medicine or preparation; (adj.) able to cleanse, especially a wound

“Art begins in a wound, an imperfection—a wound inherent in the nature of life itself—and is an attempt either to live with the wound or to heal it.”

–John Gardner, Grendel

The idea of creative expression as a healing experience has been tossed around in both artistic and non-artistic communities for as long as most of us can remember, if not longer; there have even been scientific studies to support the cleansing quality of artistic output.


One More Thing That Literature Is Good For


A few weeks ago, I went to a dermatologist to have something on my nose removed. He said less than two sentences to me, asked me one question he didn’t listen to the answer to, ignored my protests, had a nurse hold me down, stuck a large needle in my nose with no warning, and then dug the thing out with a scalpel even though the anesthesia was barely working.