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The Rumpus Interview with Micah Perks


Micah Perks talks about her new novel, What Becomes Us, America’s cultural and mythical heritage, and why every novel is a political novel. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction



This week at Guernica’s newly re-designed website, author Jean McGarry has a short story, “Come to Me,” about an abusive relationship and the tangled dynamics of power and devotion that can hold its victims in place.

That was day four; on day one, I found underwear, not my own, in my underwear drawer.


Dedicate Your No-Trump Vote: Michelle Hoover


You see, when a man believes he has the power to grant a woman personhood by admiring her looks or her body’s use to him... he also believes he has the power to take it away. Trump believes he has this power. ...more