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Reviving Dominican Literature with “a Concert of Poetry”


Global Voices introduces us to El Hombrecito, a music group that interweaves Dominican poetry and visual art into their performances, in a story written by Natali Herrera Pacheco and translated by Eleanor Weekes. El Hombrecito hopes to spark interest in the country’s literature by setting it against the backdrop of bachata, rock, or experimental music, which brings literature to a much wider audience, and also separates Dominican literature from Western, democratized influences.



The Rumpus Interview with Garrard Conley


Garrard Conley, author of the new memoir Boy Erased, discusses growing up in the deep South, mothers, writing for change, and political delusions. ...more

The Conversation

The Conversation: Angel Nafis, Safia Elhillo, and Elizabeth Acevedo


I don’t think it ever fully sunk in for me that I even live in America. ...more

Famous Myths of the Golden Age feature

Paper Trumpets #26: Famous Myths of the Golden Age


This is part of the mystery and sometimes frustration of doing collage—trying to remember where things came from. ...more

Politics Sunday


“One in four Americans is employed to protect the rich.”

Here’s an underreported story: Dominicans are coming to the aid of Haitians, despite a less-than-idyllic history between the two countries.

VICE is taking a ton of heat for its treatment of Liberia in “The Vice Guide to Liberia.”

A very cool looking architectural installation that covers an abandoned Detroit home in ice.