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The Rumpus Interview with Joshua Mohr


Joshua Mohr discusses his memoir Sirens, writing for his daughter, and why he values art that trusts its audience. ...more

The Amazing Disappearing Woman Writer


To refuse to disappear at mid-life—I am forty-two as of the writing of this essay—is perhaps the best rebellion a woman poet can make to the literary world and to the world at large. ...more

In Plain Sight: The Vanishing of Ellen Bass


Putting her experiences into a broader context, [Bass] now saw, was essential to “creating openings for readers to enter her poems and for the poems to enter her readers.” ...more

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Ada Limón


The Rumpus Poetry Book Club chats with Ada Limón about her new book Bright Dead Things, writing love poems in an age of cynicism, and committing to places. ...more

Ali Liebegott and Dorianne Laux at The Believer


In honor of National Poetry Month, please check out poet Ali Liebegott’s wonderfully conducted interview with the eminent Dorianne Laux, where Laux sheds light on Emily Dickinson and Edna St. Vincent Millay for helping her hone her poetic craft.

 If I hadn’t been able to talk with myself, with respect, as a whole human being, who had a mind and heart and desires, a goodness, a desire to be good—you know, all of those things, I think, are the original impulse when we sit down and write.