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Sunset Bowl

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Twenty-Three Pieces of the Sunset Bowl


[A]ll over town, pits in the ground stayed pits in the ground. Those cavities were my consolation. For the moment, we were all in the hole. ...more


Visible: Women Writers of Color #4: Jaquira Díaz


Jaquira Díaz discusses the challenge of writing about family members, her greatest joy as a writer, and her literary role models. ...more

Annie Lennox - A Christmas Cornucopia | Rumpus Music

My Life with Annie Lennox #5: A Christmas Cornucopia


Perhaps part of what prompted me to get clean and sober was the fact I kept making myself uncomfortable. ...more

Monkey Men feature

Rumpus Original Fiction: Monkey Men


Still lying on the bed in the Wausau hotel room, I started counting ceiling tiles. From above the covers. Not under. Never under. I always feel constricted, under. ...more

Heather Havrilesky 1

The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Heather Havrilesky


We are in a chaotic mess of a world, and our lives are going to be chaotic messes no matter how victorious and shiny we manage to become. ...more

Reading Mslle feature

Reading Mademoiselle Gantrel


We squinted into the smoky room and saw ourselves on junior year abroad, frolicking on the Left Bank with artists in berets like hers. ...more

on playing games feature

On Playing Games, Productivity, and Right Livelihood


One week last spring I said it out loud for the first time: “Sometimes I play so long, my fingers go numb.” ...more

swans feature

Rumpus Original Fiction: Swans and Other Lies


As she presses against Patterson, she feels her feet softening, losing gravity. He’s embracing her, willing her to disappear, swallowing her. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Sarah Hepola


Editor and writer Sarah Hepola talks about her new memoir Blackout, how gender affects alcoholism, writing about female friendships, and the writers who've influenced her. ...more

500 Years of Drunk


How many different words are there for “intoxicated”? Quite a lot, as it turns out—writers have been inventing new words to describe inebriation for just about as long as they’ve been drinking. A new book exploring the history of synonyms of wasted reveals the origins of some five hundred years of poggled language.


Getting Drunk with Bob Cratchit


Charles Dickens loves a good punch, and the alcoholic concoctions make appearances in many of his novels. The perhaps least fortunate of his characters, Bob Cratchit, drinks a punch made of gin and lemon. Although the text only refers to two ingredients, its likely referencing a much more complicated mixed drink—Slate investigates the recipe the Cratchits drank to forget their troubles.


Writing and Drinking and Writing about Drinking


Alcohol and authors. It’s a subject so old and rich and fraught you could write a book on it—which is exactly what Olivia Laing did.

That book is called The Trip to Echo Spring: Why Writers Drink, and Blake Morrison’s review of it in the Guardian is itself a great essay on the subject, covering writers’ love and loathing of liquor in real life and on the page.