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Bring on Your Wrecking Balls


There is hope, and hopelessness, whenever wrecking balls are sung. ...more
The Beatles - White Album

Elegy with Records on the Doorstep


The old music still filled pits in him like sawdust and wood glue do a nail hole. The songs didn’t say anything new over the years, but they provided home when he missed it. ...more

Swinging Modern Sounds #62: Stillness as Metaphor


I am after a music that renders life as it is, and which invites in the intermittent pulsations of life. ...more

Albums of Our Lives: Linda Ronstadt’s Heart Like a Wheel


The cover was a black and white close-up of a woman, her hair windswept, her name scrawled above her in a font usually reserved for truck stops: Linda Ronstadt. I’d retrieved the album and its torn shell of Columbia Record Club packaging from a stack of unwanted mail on the credenza, and I stood now in the doorway of my older brothers’ room.