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Claiming Space: A Conversation with Elizabeth Crane


Elizabeth Crane discusses her latest collection, Turf, how where she has lived has shaped her work, and why she loves writing in first-person plural. ...more

Rumpus Original Fiction: My Name Is Jean-Pierre and I Am Still an End Table


I am glad to be free of that tyrant, even if it means I am an end table waddling inch-by-inch down this path on a foolish mission that might prove impossible. I may be an end table, but at least I am free. ...more

The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #59: Marisa Silver


Marisa Silver is a formidable writer. The world she weaves is masterfully laid out. Her sharp eye focuses on the brutal changes that women experience, not just emotionally but physically as well. Her beautiful, dreamy novel, Little Nothing, is a story of transformation and love.


What We Lost: Undoing the Fairy Tale Narrative of Adoption


The singular, unavoidable truth about adoption is that it requires the undoing of one family so that another one can come into being. ...more