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Mr. Clarke, the Real Hero of Stranger Things


He’s the teacher who encourages questions beyond the class assessment, who always gets his students to open the “Curiosity Door.” ...more

Literary Loyalty, Sad Sequels, Sadder Fans


Loyalty seems to have no payoff for fans of every and any book that has ever had a sequel, because these next installments almost always disappoint—but why does it have to be this way? For Cultured Vultures, Nat Wassell gives a few examples of flaccid sequels and continuations; discusses responsibility from the author, publisher, and even reader; and argues for the reader’s right to demand better material from publishers, who seem to be side-sweeping both loyal fans and unsuspecting authors aside for the next marketing scheme.


Podcatcher #2: Rose Buddies


Rachel and Griffin McElroy, hosts of The Bachelor fancast Rose Buddies, talk about about the problematic aspects of the show, how they stay hydrated, and what’s up with all those McElroy podcasts. ...more