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The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Transparent and the Evolving Culture of Shame


There's a ray of nuclear longing at the center of Transparent... ...more


Swinging Modern Sounds #61: Songs for the Alliterative at Heart


Michael Hearst has come a long way from the guy who played plastic wind instruments on Seventh Avenue, to an admirably creative and original adulthood. ...more

Image Courtesy of Roger Sadler via Flickr Creative Commons

One Giant Cliché


When I became a father myself, I swore my son would never feel my absence like that—not if I could help it. I’d talk to him. I’d listen, ask questions. I’d teach him things, too, and share in the joys of his discoveries. It didn’t occur to me that what he might need would be something entirely different. ...more


Ukemi, The Art of Receiving


In Japanese martial arts, the uke is the 'receiver' of the technique, the one who attempts to attack their sparring partner, the tori. The tori defends against the attack of the uke, who usually winds up on the floor after getting flipped, swept, thrown, punched, or kicked. ...more

OG DAD #1: The Hum


OG (Old Guy) Dad will recount the adventures of a man who, in the proverbial autumn of his years, or at least the pre pre-autumn, discovers his girlfriend is pregnant. And having a baby. Whereupon hi-jinks, cosmic and mundane, ensue.