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Nin Broad City feature

The Diary of Anaïs Nin While Binge-Watching Broad City


One episode after another with every outrageous twist and turn. I smile but no laughter comes—just a gaping mouth wishing to devour more! ...more

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Female Friendships and Online Literary Sexism


As an essayist who often writes from personal experience and who’s working on a memoir, I believe deeply it is a feminist act for women to tell their stories. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Jen Pastiloff


I am good at making people feel safe. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Sarah Gerard


Author Sarah Gerard talks about her novel, Binary Star, her chapbook, BFF, dysfunctional relationships, and what it means to be best friends forever. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Sarah Hepola


Editor and writer Sarah Hepola talks about her new memoir Blackout, how gender affects alcoholism, writing about female friendships, and the writers who've influenced her. ...more

BFFs in Elena Ferrante Novels


The literary idea that friends’ lives represent unmade choices, roads not taken, is applicable across gender and genre. Naturally, however, it has a particular resonance for women, because so many of life’s choices have particular resonance for women. Whether in 2015 United States or in postwar, pre-feminist Italy, women still feel like they have to lean in the direction of either family or career, creative fulfillment or economic necessity.



The Rumpus Interview with Elisa Albert


Elisa Albert discusses her new novel, After Birth, postpartum depression, childbearing, and the misogyny of modern medicine in pathologizing the normal processes of birth and the female body. ...more

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Missed #1: The Lucinda Rosenfeld Problem


In the July 3, 2000 New Yorker, the debut fiction issue, there was a photo of a young woman on the steps of a brownstone. Her story was terrifying, erotic, and not quite like anything I'd read before. Since that story she's published four books. I have read them all with growing puzzlement. My rising discomfort lies in the waning interest in her work. ...more

“The Profundity of Female Friendships”


At The New Yorker, Anna Holmes writes about how “Girls” and Sheila Heti’s new novel How Should a Person Be? “treat heterosexual coupling as secondary, and how they depict the profundity of female friendships, not to mention their real perils—which are quite different from the competitive jockeying that is so often imagined.”

Holmes proposes that these texts may signify “the beginnings, perhaps, of a revolution in the way women’s relationships are discussed.”

Read Emily Rapp’s wonderful essay on the power of female friendship here.