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The Earth Recycles All of Us: Talking with Micheline Aharonian Marcom


Micheline Aharonian Marcom discusses her novel, The Brick House, female sexuality in literature, and transcendence through dreaming. ...more

The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #75: Deborah Kampmeier


I met Deborah Kampmeier at a workshop in November. We were two weeks post-election; the room was raw with emotion, and electric with conversations about resistance. This tall, badass woman dressed in all black sauntered into the room, and chose a seat at the table.


Good Girls Revolt and Female-Focused Sex on TV


Sexual politics run through the very veins of this show. They are its blood, and they know how to get the female viewer’s heart pumping. ...more

The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Louise Erdrich


The esteemed author talks about the themes of justice, atonement, and reparation in her fifteenth novel, LaRose, and about the importance of Planned Parenthood to her success. ...more
Prince - Lovesexy | Rumpus Music

You’re Just a Sinner I Am Told: Prince & the Sexual Revolution


It was all about desire, including women’s desire, Prince’s music. Women were not degraded. They were exalted, body and mind both. ...more