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Rumpus Exclusive: Three Excerpts from AFTERWORDS


Three exclusive excerpts from …AFTERWORDS, a new series of distinctive commentaries on great works of contemporary literature from our friends at Fiction Advocate! ...more

Faith, Gods, and Gay Sex: A Conversation with Matthew Gallaway


Matthew Gallaway discusses his second novel, #gods, moving from a big publishing house to an indie press, and why it was important to him to depict gay sex in writing. ...more

Maggie Nelson’s Natural


Reading Maggie Nelson can be like banging your head against the wall of categories—or being miraculously freed from them. At Fiction Advocate, Colter Ruland elicits an explanation of hybridity from Nelson:

I just do what’s natural, I’m not thinking, “this is high,” “this is low,” “let’s combine them.” Often I don’t know that something wasn’t “supposed” to be in conversation with something else until someone else reads it that way and tells me so; to me it’s just one flow.


Strange Things Have Happened Here


People of the Bay Area!

Come to 826 Valencia on Sunday night at 6 p.m. for a good old-fashioned Rumpus shindig, featuring writers from the USA, Russia, and Iran.

Details are here.

With free drinks!

Also, it is entirely possible that I will be sitting at a table in the back with a typewriter, offering to write acceptance letters to anyone who asks, in response to any query whatsoever.