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The Rumpus Interview with Russell Banks


Russell Banks discusses his new book, Voyager: Travel Writings, why we are never free from our history, and how writing saved his life. ...more

This Week in Indie Bookstores


The next victim of Amazon’s physical stores will be Chicago.

If Los Angeles is having a literary renaissance, it is happing at The Last Bookstore.

A bookstore in Tampa pokes fun at Amy Schumer poking fun at Tampa.


Florida panther 250

Wildlife of Unknown Status


The only way forward when you’re lost in the woods, Frost once wrote, is straight ahead. But where is the Florida jungle straight? ...more


Visible: Women Writers of Color #4: Jaquira Díaz


Jaquira Díaz discusses the challenge of writing about family members, her greatest joy as a writer, and her literary role models. ...more

Monkey Men feature

Rumpus Original Fiction: Monkey Men


Still lying on the bed in the Wausau hotel room, I started counting ceiling tiles. From above the covers. Not under. Never under. I always feel constricted, under. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Lynn Steger Strong


Lynn Steger Strong discusses her debut novel Hold Still, the influence of Virginia Woolf, unconditional love, and exit strategies. ...more


Visible: Women Writers of Color #1: Desiree Cooper


Desiree Cooper discusses her debut collection of flash fiction, Know the Mother, what mother-writers need, and why motherhood is the only story she’s ever told. ...more

Lauren Groff (c) Megan Brown

The Rumpus Interview with Lauren Groff


Lauren Groff talks about her new novel, Fates and Furies, the life of creative people and those who love them, and why she's grateful to anyone who reads books. ...more

majick market feature

Majik Market


The summer and early fall of 1974 replays like a gritty movie in my head, a 70s era Lumet or Scorsese, elements of cinema verite, but stylized, heightened. ...more

The Curious Incident of Censorship


A Florida school has removed The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time from its reading list, reports the Guardian. It’s not the first time the book has been deemed controversial, and author Mark Haddon had this to say about this new complaint:

The assumption is that I should be morally affronted when this happens – and it has happened surprisingly often – but the truth is that it always generates a really interesting debate among school kids and librarians and parents, not just about Curious, but about literature and freedom and language, and this is an undeniably good thing,” said Haddon.


The Good News and the Bad News About Libraries


Bad news first: There are 49 libraries in Florida’s Miami-Dade County. Twenty-two of them are about to be closed. Some last-minute budget rearrangements might save six of those, but that will leave sixteen—one-third of the county’s libraries—on the chopping block.

A tax hike would have saved the libraries—along with several emergency rescue vehicles and the jobs of a few hundred county employees—but it proved too unpopular.



Indian River


In Florida there is an Indian River that flows through a swamp in the northern half of the state. It behaves nothing like a river at all—instead it commingles with the land to make a land-water hybrid, which is what much of Florida feels like anyway.