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Your Patriotism Isn’t Love, It’s Blindness


Love of country, some argue. With their boots firmly planted in my chest as I struggle to protest. No, that is not love, but blindness. ...more

Wishing and Hoping: Card Tricks, Love Spells, and Methods of Escape


I’ll go one further and posit that we need our illusionists: to disprove our eyes, investigate our dreams, and sometimes charm the money from our pockets. ...more

Weekend Rumpus Roundup


It’s that time again. Time to round up all the Rumpus weekends. Or the weekend Rumpuses. Or something.

This weekend, we featured two super-cool interviews. Saturday’s was a lively discussion with Michelle Meyering, director of programs and events at PEN Center USA, about her lit-mag The Rattling Wall, which “isn’t necessarily a journal about LA, but a journal that’s influenced by LA’s ‘anything goes’ mentality.”

On Sunday, we spoke with fiction writer Preston L.