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Rumpus Exclusive: “In the Kitchen”


Women grooming their daughters to be good housewives teach them how to cook, no? A woman grooming her daughter to be something else in the world would keep her out of the kitchen. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Naomi Jackson


Naomi Jackson discusses her debut novel, The Star Side of Bird Hill, how she approached writing about mental illness and its affects on a family, and choosing to to tell a story from multiple perspectives. ...more

The Doris Lessing Movie Adaptation No One Talks About


Amanda Shubert, who recently interviewed Ronee Blakley for the Rumpus, has a thought-provoking piece up about Adore, the film adaptation of Doris Lessing’s novella “The Grandmothers.”

It’s a challenging story in either format, dealing as it does with “women who sleep with one another’s teenage sons,” but Shubert argues that the movie is the superior version.