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Natasha Moni drums | Rumpus Music

A Ringing in Your Ears That Would Disappear by Morning


Soon, you would discover the local isle of misfits. Every town has at least one if you do some digging. Yours was The Boathouse. ...more
Guns N' Roses -Paradise City | Rumpus Music

Songs of Our Lives: Guns N’ Roses’s “Paradise City”


When people asked what I was going to do after high school, I said, “Leave town.” I wasn’t kidding. I hadn’t applied to a single college. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: 69 Love Songs


Everywhere people are shoving things into the ground—time capsules not to be opened until the year 2100, the more optimistic postmarked for 3000—letters to the future in the language of the now. ...more

It’s Happening: L7 Reunion Tour


The formative LA group started talking about a tour with all original members at the end of last year, later coming out with a teaser trailer and plans for a documentary in the works. Sure enough, it’s all happening: tour dates are official, cover a lot of ground, and tickets might not be available for long, so get on it now if you want to catch this all-female lineup that inspired like-minded women to make riot grrrl happen.


Swinging Modern Sounds #65: Tragedy Plus Time


Jesse Malin is a lifer in a business that rarely features lifers anymore. ...more