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“What Is Amazing” by Heather Christle

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What Is Amazing by Heather Christle is another illustration of my frustration with the word “critic,” why I think “appreciator” is a closer approximation and why I’m still open to one-word suggestions.

Christle was born in 1980 and has two earlier books and a Believer Award to her name, as well as poems in Verse, Columbia Poetry Review, Boston Review, The New Yorker, and publications Rumpus readers may not have heard of and should get to know better.


The Trees The Trees


HTML Giant’s reviewing The Trees The Trees, which is a collection of poems by Heather Christle with twice the title you think it would have, and also not a Terrence Malick movie.

The review in it of itself, is impressive because it describes the poems in terms that are approachable and humorously presumptuous, for example: “Reading The Trees The Trees is akin to the logical disturbance one feels while watching YouTube videos of the late Macho Man” and “The poems look like prose blocks with holes punched in them.