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Treaty with the Shawnee

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Pain Scale Treaties


Perched on the shoulders of generational trauma sit these two theses: suffering begets cruelty begets suffering begets cruelty, and pain is empathy’s catalyst. ...more

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade | Rumpus Music

Albums of Our Lives: My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade


The summer before my final year at college, my fear started to manifest as an anxiety disorder specializing in sickness and disease. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction


This week, Guernica has a new story from author and veteran Odie Lindsey, whose debut story collection about soldiers coming home from war, We Come to Our Senses, will be published by W.W. Norton later this month. Included in the collection, “Bird (on back)” picks up in the middle of a disintegrating relationship between an unemployed diorama artist and his vibrant but terminally ill girlfriend, who before they met contracted a sexually transmitted autoimmune disease from a soldier on leave.


Elderly feature

Translating the Elderly: Amour, The Intern, and Our Many Selves


The elderly become reminders not of our imminent mortality, but of our ever-evolving humanity, our enduring lust—and need—for connection and purpose. ...more

Charles Bock © Nina Subin

The Rumpus Interview with Charles Bock


Charles Bock discusses his new novel, Alice & Oliver, the challenges of writing from experience, and how art and life can mirror one another. ...more

Kristopher Jansma Photo credit Michael Levy

The Rumpus Interview with Kristopher Jansma


Kristopher Jansma discusses his second novel, Why We Came to the City, facing adulthood in his thirties, and working through grief and loss in writing. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Sandra and Ben Doller


Sandra and Ben Doller talk about The Yesterday Project, a blind collaboration, and about what it means to savor each day when you have stage III melanoma. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Thunder, Thighs


Over one third of the women in my survey had been called “Thunder Thighs” at some point in their life. Many were still haunted by this. None of them interpreted “thunder” to mean “power. ...more


Super Hot Prof-on-Student Word Sex #14: Julia MacDonnell


Julia was one of those “students” whom you suspect, after maybe fifteen seconds, should actually be teaching the class you are currently (allegedly) teaching. ...more

Treatment as Metaphor


In our daily efforts to stay healthy, to invent solutions for staving off death, have we already put ourselves in treatment for diseases yet to come? Conner Habib writes about his cancer diagnosis over at The Stranger, challenging Susan Sontag’s argument against seeing illness as a metaphor by revealing the ways in which we can’t help but give it meaning:

We reach out to the hand that promises to pull us to shore.