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Sound & Vision: Michael Hearst


Allyson McCabe talks with Michael Hearst, a founding member of One Ring Zero, about how he got his start in music and writing, and what he's been working on recently. ...more

Swinging Modern Sounds #85: The Introduction of the Pitch


It seems like it’s the point of this piece to draw attention to the fact that these instruments are wounded; it shouldn’t be something that tries to hide it. ...more

British Artist Turns Bridges Into Instruments


Using a variety of gadgets and tools, British artist Di Mainstone has come up with a way to turn suspension bridges into giant musical instruments. She calls this human-bridge interaction the Human Harp:

In the six years since her first sketches of a woman connecting with the bridge, Mainstone has managed to enlist the enthusiastic support of industrial engineers, audio researchers, physicists, software designers, university departments, and Andy Cavatorta, the inventor of Björk’s Gravity Harp.