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As a Matter of Fact


The New Yorker’s Jill Lepore laments the devaluation of truth in politics with the rise of “big data”:

The era of the fact is coming to an end: the place once held by “facts” is being taken over by “data.” This is making for more epistemological mayhem, not least because the collection and weighing of facts require investigation, discernment, and judgment, while the collection and analysis of data are outsourced to machines.


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The Rumpus Interview with Meghan Daum and Elliott Holt


Meghan Daum, the anthology's editor, and Elliott Holt, who contributed its penultimate essay, discuss Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed. ...more

Old Habits


Unplugging is bound to free up some time; spending that time is another matter. After reading Mindful Tech, David M. Levy’s book about how and why we use devices, Matthew J.X. Malady decided to give the simple life a try:

I ran to the store for things we didn’t really need, and watered plants that I previously hadn’t noticed existed.


Circle 250

The Circle Is Watching


In a world where boundaries between private and public are already blurring, Tim and Nicolaas wanted to find out what would happen if those boundaries disappeared altogether. ...more

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The Rumpus Interview with Jenny Lawson


Jenny Lawson talks about her second memoir, Furiously Happy, mental illness, and growing up in small-town Texas. ...more

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The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Michael Seidlinger


The Publisher-in-Chief of Civil Coping Mechanisms and Book Reviews Editor for Electric Literature talks about his newest novel, The Strangest. ...more

This Week in Indie Bookstores


James Patterson is giving away $2,000,000 in holiday bonuses to bookstore workers and libraries.

An adults-only sex shop in Anchorage, Alaska is getting remade into an indie bookstore.

Philadelphia’s Hakim’s Bookstore, a landmark African-American shop, is a small business on the brink of closure.


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The Rumpus Interview with Debra Monroe


Debra Monroe talks about her new memoir, My Unsentimental Education, the future of the genre, and how the Internet has changed what it means to be human. ...more

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The Rumpus Interview with Lincoln Michel


Lincoln Michel talks about his debut short story collection, Upright Beasts, his interest in monsters, and what sources of culture outside of literature inspire him. ...more