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All That Is

All That Is by James Salter

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James Salter’s new novel, All That Is – his first in thirty-four years – is a masterpiece.

At the moment, the span of years between Salter’s books has got people interested in him. In a recent New Yorker profile, Nick Paumgarten follows Salter’s full life story, from his days as a fighter pilot in the Korean War up till now, as an aged novelist, eighty-seven-years-old.


On the Superiority of James Salter


“The first time I read A Sport and a Pastime, just two years ago, I knew I’d experienced something unusual, alive, difficult in its directness; not something to look upon “fondly,” but a story that, like all great art, connected me more deeply and truthfully to my whole human self – sans irony or “cool.”


The nakedness of these characters is soul-deep, and the novel demands no less of its reader; the “new narcissism,” per Roiphe –“boys too busy gazing at themselves in the mirror to think much about girls, boys lost in the beautiful vanity of ‘I was warm and wanted her to be warm,’ or the noble purity of being just a tiny bit repelled by the crude advances of the desiring world” – won’t do here.”

At The Millions Sonya Chung joins in the collective response to Katie Roiphe by singling out a wonderful writer that Roiphe had neglected to mention: James Salter and especially his novel, A Sport and a Pastime.