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Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, a little creative encouragement from Grant Snider to jump start August.

Then, in this review, Andrew Fulmer examines Jeff Alessandrelli’s use of the poetic “factoid.” Alessandrelli makes a series of successful allusions in his collection, This Last Time Will Be The First


Wikipedia Says It Will Pass by Diana Salier

Reviewed By

Wikipedia is not to be trusted, at least not entirely. We all know this. (For a brief period in August of 2009 the first sentence of the “Trees” poet—“Poems are made by fools like me/ But only God can make a tree”—Joyce Kilmer’s page read “Joyce Kilmer was the first man to rape a bear”; the picture to the right of this sentence displayed a large black bear, defiantly standing tall next to a Sani-Hut.) And yet it’s often where we turn when we desire information—at least in terms of Internet information.