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Notable NYC: 4/22–4/28


Saturday 4/22: Mara Helal and Jeremy Sigler join the Segue Series. Zinc Bar, 4:30 p.m., $5. Sunday 4/23: Donald Nicholson-Smith and Emma Ramadan present Abdellatif Laâbi’s In Praise of Defeat, translated from the French. Berl’s Poetry Shop, 5 p.m., free. Rosebud Ben-Oni, Ben Pease, Cooper Wilheim, Isabella Desendi, and Marina Weiss join the Dead Rabbits […]


Vanishing-Line, by Jeffrey Yang

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In Vanishing-Line, Jeffrey Yang writes, “But the birches of Yennecott/ recall his word-spirits.” Rather than using lines or stanzas as the basic unit of expression in this collection, Yang writes with something more fluid, more abstract, at a different level of reading. These “word-spirits,” delineated by tildes, congeal into an amorphous work; a floating world […]