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“Fakes,” by David Shields and Matthew Vollmer

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Receipts, letters, diaries, grocery lists, photographs, report cards, online dating profiles – all these documents are written evidence of our existence. For most of us, they will be the only written evidence of our existence. Creating fraudulent documents as a means of evoking a fictional character is an old technique, from Jonathan Swift’s letters written in the persona of Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq.


Gigantic Online May 2010


The May 2010 online issue of Gigantic is up with fiction from Mike Young, Erik Morsink and M. Callen. The art/lit journal also has a talk between Gibby Haynes (of The Butthole Surfers) and Joe Wenderoth (Letters to Wendy’s) that covers cloning, clowns, cannons, race and monotheism with Wenderoth’s unusual curiosity, candor and rigor.