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Cowboy or Terrorist? Harney County and the Trump Presidency


One person’s freedom to do anything they want can mean the absolute negation of another’s freedom. ...more

Lone Star Cinema


In clinging to a set of memories that fade more every day, maybe I’m also clinging to an idyllic version of my own past. ...more

On the Road Again


What gives the road movie (or, more broadly, the epic voyage) its staying power across cultures and time is an intrinsic narrative structure with a built-in beginning and end in the form of a starting point and destination. ...more
Is That You, John Wayne?

“Is That You, John Wayne?” by Scott Garson

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Following in the steps of such modern day masters of this intricate form, including Lydia Davis and Kim Chinquee, Scott Garson has embraced it, bringing his own brand of American disharmony often seen in those forbears. The majority of stories in his second collection Is That You, John Wayne? run from a page long to three and they are the crux of this collection bent on exploring the sadness of life, the missed or missing opportunities, and the stasis our collective cultures seemed to have emotionally entered while we fly and speed about with technology that probably has not made us treat each other any better. ...more