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The Possible Absence of a Future: Talking with Jorie Graham


Jorie Graham discusses her latest collection, Fast, the terrifying destruction of our planet, a happy formal accident, and how to live in times of world crisis. ...more

“Throw Something Down Hard Enough, You Discover Its Laws”


Maybe my faith that the profoundest feeling we're offered by art that really hits us deep in is a setting free, a series of screens or horizons obliterated somehow lovingly. ...more

David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: Marilyn Hacker Is No Hack


Here’s hoping more people read the concise and precise interview about translation up on Guernica between Erica Wright and Marilyn Hacker.

When we talk about someone being a prolific translator, Marilyn Hacker — who is a fantastic poet, let’s not forget that — is the poster child: “In the past five years alone, she’s brought the work of Hedi Kaddour, Guy Goffette, Vénus Khoury-Ghata, Marie Etienne,” plus (as Hacker notes), Amina Saïd and Habib Tengour.