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The Lonely Voice #32: The Last Lonely Voice


That’s what the Lonely Voice has always been to me. It was a privilege to be allowed to have a private conversation with myself in public. ...more

Surviving Success


Joyce relentlessly made things more and more difficult for readers, as if success actually prevented him from producing more of the same, so determined was he to be nobody’s servant. Hence the lucid and fluent Dubliners becomes the more difficult Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, then the far more difficult Ulysses, packed with passages that many felt were obscene, and finally, when that brought even more success, the completely indigestible Finnegans Wake.


The Rumpus Interview with Steph Cha


Steph Cha talks about her new novel, Beware Beware, writing compelling and complex Korean American characters, and what reading a book has in common with a level in a video game. ...more