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Rumpus Exclusive: Three Excerpts from AFTERWORDS


Three exclusive excerpts from …AFTERWORDS, a new series of distinctive commentaries on great works of contemporary literature from our friends at Fiction Advocate! ...more

Ten Minutes of Motherhood: A Conversation with Ariel Levy


Ariel Levy on The Rules Do Not Apply, the illusion of control, and language’s inability to express grief. ...more

Books for Bed


Judith Thurman and Peter Canby of The New Yorker fame talk about what they like to read at bedtime, covering ground from the Mayan apocalypse to French dictionaries to Susan Sontag. Both writer-editors, often inundated with new publications looking for a blurb, speak to how they read bedtime books purely for pleasure and what works best late in the evening – texts on paper, on Kindle, and new or old.