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The Rumpus Interview with Paul Griner


Paul Griner talks about his newest novel, Second Life, his just-released story collection Hurry Please I Want to Know, putting real life into fiction, and whether creative writing can be taught. ...more

Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, Julie Marie Wade points to Tod Marshall’s skillful use of call and response in his new poetry collection, Bugle. The theme of mortality punctuates this “fierce” and “stunning” book. Marshall’s speaker, Wade writes, “contemplates what we think we know about nature, music, human frailty, and human triumph.”

Meanwhile, The Internet is “the great, depressing equalizer,” admits writer and collaborator Jacob Wren.


Susanne Antonetta headshot

The Rumpus Interview with Susanne Paola Antonetta


Poet and memoirist Susanne Paola Antonetta discusses literary bias, feminism, and the origin of her nom de plume. ...more

Midsummer Night

The Books of A Midsummer Night’s Press


Julie Marie Wade explores the amazing work done by A Midsummer Night's Press. ...more

daisyhernandez-Jorge Rivas

The Rumpus Interview with Daisy Hernández


Daisy Hernández talks about her new memoir, A Cup of Water Under My Bed, feminism, bilingual writing, and working in both the fiction and nonfiction genres. ...more