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What to Read When You Want a Fresh Start


In keeping with the spirit of the New Year holiday, we've put together a list of books that deal with new beginnings—and the unexpected twists and turns that come after. ...more

What to Read When You Want to Hand-Swat Your Husband


Here are some book recommendations about husband-swatting ladies who you might adore. ...more

Women Writers Lost and Found


Henry James found in the stories of Constance Fenimore Woolson “a remarkable minuteness of observation and tenderness of feeling on the part of one who evidently did not glance and pass, but lingered and analyzed.”

There’s a roll call of rediscovered and canonical women writers at Salon


The Sunday Rumpus Essay: How To Make Sure Your Writing Is Forgotten


Do you really want to have to listen from the grave as students discuss your themes and scholars analyze your syntax and trace your influence? ...more

Rewrite, Reboot, Remix


Rewriting the classics has become a stale and risk-averse strategy. But that shouldn’t spoil the fun of our larger culture of remixing. ...more