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What to Read When You Want to Feel Thankful


Kick off the holiday season with a list of books that Rumpus editors are thankful for! ...more

Making a Narrative in the Darkness: A Conversation with Samantha Hunt


Samantha Hunt discusses her new collection, The Dark Dark, why she became a writer, and the freeing quiet of darkness. ...more

The Sunday Book Blog Roundup


Greetings and salutations! I’m Michael Berger, today’s guest-editor.  I’ve spent my last few days off sipping coffee and drifting through the labyrinth of book blogs. Which was terrific, because most of my work week was spent moving a bookstore. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 25 year old San Francisco used bookstore Phoenix Books is not only not going out of business but they are now in a place that is twice as big and beautiful.