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Sound & Vision: Alice Bag


Allyson McCabe talks with Alice Bag, one of LA punk’s first frontwomen in the mid-70s as the lead singer and co-founder of the Bags, and who has just released her self-titled debut solo album. ...more

The Runaways and the Bystander Effect


Former Runaways bassist Jackie Fuchs came forward last week with an account of being allegedly raped by Kim Fowley after a New Year’s Eve show at the start of the band’s career. The article discussing her experience included accounts from a number of people who claimed to have witnessed the event, corroborating Fuchs’s memories and working through the shame that their inaction had caused them in the intervening years.


Sound & Vision #15: Miriam Linna


Drummer, publisher, and rocker Miriam Linna talks to Allyson McCabe about Bobby Fuller, punk bands in Ohio in the ’70s, and her career with the A-Bones. ...more