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Digging for Characters: A Conversation with Sonya Chung


Sonya Chung discusses her latest novel The Loved Ones, the mental space required to wander around fictional worlds, and looking back at her childhood. ...more

Falling into Fear


I knew that just as the country was reverting, so was I. Every face now seemed a potential enemy and these were feelings I had not felt in almost twenty years. ...more

The Rumpus Review of Seoul Searching


Seeing is a critical part of normalizing, and though it seems like a rudimentary expectation, it’s important for American audiences to see Korean-Americans simply living their lives. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Minsoo Kang


Writer and historian Minsoo Kang talks about his new translation of The Story of Hong Gildong, a touchstone novel of Korea written in the 19th century. ...more

Deep Conditioning with Wilson Phillips


“Don’t become a professor,” he said. “I’d rather you become a garbage man. They get paid more and have better benefits.” ...more

Language, Love, and Loss


Over at The Toast, Nicole Chung has written a deeply personal and beautiful essay about coming to terms with her adoption, embracing her Korean heritage, and learning her mother tongue alongside her daughter:

When I watch my daughter writing in Korean, when we talk about our family history, when she seems sure about who she is … and her place in our family and in the world, I cannot help but feel there are many different kinds of victories to be found, and many ways to heal.