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Guns N' Roses -Paradise City | Rumpus Music

Songs of Our Lives: Guns N’ Roses’s “Paradise City”


When people asked what I was going to do after high school, I said, “Leave town.” I wasn’t kidding. I hadn’t applied to a single college. ...more

Adam Johnson - Credit Samson Yee

The Rumpus Interview with Adam Johnson


Pulitzer Prize–winning author Adam Johnson talks about his new book, Fortune Smiles, fiction and voice, veterans and defectors, solar-powered robots and self-driving cars, and infrared baseball caps that can blind security cameras. ...more

Song of the Day: “All Apologies”


The new documentary about Kurt Cobain, Montage of Heck, contains up-until-now unreleased home videos and animated footage of the Nirvana frontman’s tortured diary entries. It reveals a deeply troubled psyche, inextricable from the genius associated with it. On the hypnotic Unplugged version of “All Apologies,” Cobain complements a recognizable strain of defeatism in his lyrics with a kind of layman’s spirituality.


Amy Winehouse death

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Queen of Decay


I wish it had been: Amy was a brilliant and tortured artist. Lets explore her brilliance. Let’s watch her perform. ...more