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Sound & Vision: Celia C. Pérez


Allyson McCabe talks with Celia C. Pérez about her debut middle-grade novel, The First Rule of Punk, her inspirations for writing the book, and her own childhood. ...more

This Week in Indie Bookstores



Best-selling author James Patterson is handing out bonuses to bookstore employees once again, celebrating the people who make best-selling authors possible.

The Daily Beast has a roundup of some of the best independent bookstores across the country.

As if you needed another reason to move to Canada, Toronto is getting five new bookstores.


Choosing Stories: On Partisanship, the Media, & American Ideology in 2016


What kind of change do I want, and what does fighting for it look like, today? ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Jennifer Baker


The more variation we see in life, the more it becomes less about seeing one type of book by marginalized people. ...more

How Gone Is My Valley?


It does us all a disservice to separate the Valley’s current industrial action from that of its natural environment, human history and broader political context. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Thomas H. McNeely


Thomas H. McNeely discusses coming of age in the 1970s, Houston's complicated racial history, and his new novel Ghost Horse. ...more